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Current Lab Members

Barathan Gnanabharathi

Biology MS Program


Dawn Blitz

Associate Professor, Department of Biology

Co-director, Center for Neuroscience

Advisor, Nu Rho Psi Honor Society, Gamma Chapter at Miami U

PhD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
BS, Providence College

savanna fahoum_first dissection.jpg

Savanna-Rae "Sorceress" Fahoum

Biology PhD Program

  • Smith Promise Award for Excellence in Brain Science at Miami University (2020)

  • Best Miami University Poster: Ohio Miami Valley Neuroscience Day

Has the power to "want" data...and then experiments just work.

Sarah Johnson

Microbiology major

Neuroscience co-major


Abby Smith

Biology/Spanish major

Pre-medical studies co-major


Amanda Pinter

Biology Major, Neuroscience minor

Pre-medical studies co-major

Alyssa Sheridan

Biology Major, Medical Sociology minor

Pre-medical studies co-major

Anna Finkell

Biology Major

Sustainability co-major


anna finkell.jpg

Former Lab Members

Akash Patel, 2022


Premedical Studies Co-Major

Larissa Zeigler (BA, 2021)

Psychology Major | Premedical Studies & Neuroscience Co-Majors | Spanish Minor

Amanda Rainey

MS, 2019


Hailey King (BS, 2020)

​Biology | Premedical Studies co-major

Neuroscience minor

John Karikas BS, 2019

Biology/Pre-medical studies co-major/Global Health minor

Ashley Laurent BS, 2019

Biology/Pre-medical studies, co-major/French minor

Jack Latimer BA, 2018


After Miami: Qualtrics

Andrew Wakefield BS, 2017 Biology/Prem/Neurosci

After Miami: Dental School

Stephanie Fukui BA, 2016


After Miami: Medical School

Robert Spencer MS, 2016


After Miami: Advanced Testing Laboratory

Lexi Monti BS, 2015 Kinesiology/NeuroscienceAfter Miami: BSN, RN, CCRN

Amy Pritchard BS, 2014 


After Miami: Clinical Research Coordinator

Evonne Swallie

MA, 2014


Katie Mark BA, 2014 Zoology

After Miami: Dietitian-Nutritionist

Ryan Snyder

MS, 2022



​Additional students:

  • Charlie Schaeffer

  • Shelby Boyle – Zoology/Neuroscience

  • Jahnavi Munagala – Biology/Premedical Studies 

  • Annie Printy – Biology/Premedical studies major

  • Chris Satcher – Zoology/Finance/Neuroscience

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